Gift your Child
Power of Stock.

Time is the only Assured multiplier of Money to Wealth.

Start early for your children with a Free Demat Account.


Begin investing with a FREE Minor Demat Account.

Why Open a Demat Account for Minor?


Secure your kid(s) future

Create an alternate corpus using a dedicated account


Goal based investments

Plan for your kid(s) education, marriage & other expenses


Beat inflation

Invest in instruments that offer higher returns in the long-run


Enforce Investing discipline

Ensure discipline so that you don’t dip into the corpus during an emergency

Advantages of Opening Minor Account with Maitra

  • Single account for investing in Stocks, IPOs & Mutual Funds
  • With Vision18 plan, you pay Rs.0 brokerage, Rs.0 account opening and just Rs. 1000 AMC per annum
  • Get intelligent insights directly to your email
  • Get personalized content for your review
  • Gift your existing stocks to your child for Free
  • Talk to our service agents anytime for your queries
  • Get Assistance in applying for Minor PAN card

4 Easy Steps To Begin

Step 1
Open a FREE Demat account

30 min verification

Step 2
Select your Investment Corpus

Payin just takes 5 min

Step 3
Choose your Segment

Cash, FnO, Commodities

Step 4
Evaluate suggestions for investment

Get personalized insights into your mailbox

About Maitra

Maitra is a Financial Trading Broking House headquartered in Chennai. Established in 2012, we have a strong network of business associates and branches all across South India with a patronage of 11,000+ clients. Kick starting as a financial portal with operations only in commodity trading, Maitra has now ventured into other Investment opportunities like Equity and Derivatives, to envisage the diverse needs of all our clients and provide a complete array of financial trading products and services. The essence of Maitra is to partner all your investments, breaking all barriers that traders and investors face in terms of cost, support and technology. Although we are radically changing and evolving, our belief and passion to be the pioneers and most insightful, hasn’t. At Maitra, we aim to be accessible, responsive and connected, both to the markets we serve and our clients.

Our Objective : Our objective has always been to help our clients in wealth creation with simplified trading technology

Our motto has been simple “ The secret of getting ahead is getting Started” – We are here to help you with our simplified tools and technology combined with our support


We were awarded the “Best Broking House - Energy Segment 2019”

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Trading Account

2. Demat Account

3. Bank Account

1. Trading Account

2. Demat Account

A trading account is used to purchase and sell shares in stock markets or Commodity Markets.

1. Credit risk

2. Market risk

3. Liquidity risk

4. Legal risk

5. Operational risk

Securities transaction tax (STT), Commodities transaction tax (CTT), Goods & services tax (GST), SEBI charges, Stamp Duty, Exchange transaction charges, clearing charges etc.,

Indices like Nifty 50, CNX IT Index, Bank Nifty Index, CNX Nifty Junior, CNX 100 , Nifty Midcap 50, Mini Nifty and Long dated Options contracts on Nifty 50. and Individual stocks. Please verify NSE web site to get latest list.

To open an account visit our website and click on the button OPEN AN ACCOUNT or alternatively click on the link

The following documents are required to be uploaded into our system during the Account Opening Process.

a. Scanned Copy of PAN CARD

b. Income Proof pdf.

c. Scanned Copy of AADHAR Linked to your Mobile Number.

d. Scanned Copy of Photograph.

e. Scanned Copy of Cancelled Cheque.

f. Computer / Mobile with WEBCAM and MIC for IPV.

Since the year 2004, RBI or India’s Reserve Bank has made it compulsory that all Indian financial institutions, banks, and other financial organizations verify both the identity and address of all customers who are to carry out any kind of financial transactions with them. To do so without too many logistical inefficiencies, the KYC process was introduced by the RBI as the only mode of verification. Hence, KYC meaning to ‘know your customer’ is an effective way to streamline the process of verifying the authenticity of one’s customer.

One of the main reasons why KYC is important is that it is to ensure that financial bodies are not being used to carry out money laundering activities of any kind. Money laundering typically happens unbeknownst to the financial authority whose platform is being used for such activities. With KYC online verification and offline KYC authentication in place, banks can catch any potential money laundering rings.

Another reason why KYC is important is that there are many non-individual customers that use financial services like trading, mutual fund investment, and more. With KYC, banks, and financial institutions, and brokerages, among others have the right to verify the legal status of that entity. This can include cross-checking their operating address and verifying the identities of their beneficial owners and authorized signatories.

In addition to learning whether these companies are authentic, the KYC process also requires that one detail the nature of their employment as well as the business carried out by the customer. This information is also useful in verifying how authentic the individual and/or company is. Before all this information is provided, the KYC verification mandates that one cannot open a bank account, trading account, demat account, or any of the like.

The answer is Yes & No.

You need a Demat Account number to settle trades electronically. Having a Demat Account allows you to buy shares and store them safely. It can be used to hold a variety of investments like equity shares, exchange traded funds, mutual funds, bonds, and government securities.

If you are a intraday trader and not planning to carry forward positions till the next day or take delivery of the equities Demat account is not Mandatory.