How to Customize/Change existing Settings in Maitra XTS software ?

Preferences from Menu bar. And click User Settings. Appearance and Font and change the fonts and its size. Click General and check the box for Display Account Name. Market Watch, click Fonts and change the size if needed. click ok. If your Buy/Sell window is not closing automatically after placing orders, then go to User settings, Order, orders, click the box (Close order entry dialog box after placing order) If you want MIS or NRML as default in Buy/Sell window, then go to Preference, User settings And Click Order, Check what is in Product Type, if you want MIS by default, MIS and change it. If you want other Client IDs in Buy/Sell order Dialog box, prefix and enter the code you want by default. Then click Ok Twice.

Existing Settings, Maitra XTS Software