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Mutual Funds

No Brokerage charges and unlimited Trades

Mutual Funds Simple UI Platform

Simple UI

We have tied up with industry leaders TicketPlanet to provide our MF Platform.

The UI’s and the features are simple and Organized.

Search and Invest on Mutual Fund

Search and Invest

Search based on your criteria’s – NAV’s, Performances, Returns etc and invest without stress.

SIP Calculator

SIP Calculator

User Friendly Investment calculator


Look forward for new features in our products.

  • Liquiloans

    We are working on tying up with p2p lending platform

  • Unified Platform

    We are working on bringing all our products into one Super App

Maitra Mutual Fund Features

Mutual Fund Discovery

Fund Discovery

Use our simlified fund discovery tool to identify the type of funds you would be interested to invest in.

Thematic Investments


Our platform provides the option to invest based on Long-term & Short-term objectives.

Performance Charts

Performance Charts

Our performance charts give you a complete picture on your investments and its value.

Systematic Investment Plans


Investing in Systematic Investment Plans are made easier with our platform.


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